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Do you always feel stuck and unmotivated to pursue the things you want in life?
Do you feel like you don't understand your soul's purpose?
Do you want to shift and transform your life to the next level?

Come and get two sessions for the price of one with Bhavna Srivastava for our Grand Opening New Client Offer. Don't miss out on this limited-time offer to accelerate your journey towards a more balanced and fulfilling life.


📅 JULY 15, 22, and 29 AT 10 AM - 12 PM

Come and get two sessions for the price of one with Bhavna Srivastava.
Receive personalized lifestyle coaching, mentoring, clearing, and
healing to address stress, relationships, and spiritual growth.


📍Address: 397 Wekiva Springs Rd, Suite 209, Longwood, Fl-32779

Special Bonuses
Pre-recorded classes

1. Free Money Masterclass

2. Free Stress Release Meditation

These bonuses are our way of supporting you on your journey to a more prosperous and balanced life.

Let's Meet and
Grow Together

We believe that building strong relationships with our valued customers and partners is essential for achieving long-term success. 

Weekly Tuesday Meditation at 6-7 pm

Experience rejuvenating Tuesday Meditation sessions that normally cost $10/person. With this exclusive offer, you can bring a friend along, enriching your journey towards inner peace and harmony.

Are You Struggling With These Issues?

Have you been feeling uneasy, stressed, or anxious lately?
Restore your body’s balance and heal yourself with Bhavna's Golden Light.

  • Anxiety

  • Relationship Issues

  • Spirituality Issues

  • Trauma

  • Stress

What Are The Benefits

The benefits are different for everyone but are endless.

  • More Clarity, Focus & Increased Brain Capacity

  • Greater Love for Others & Better Relationships

  • Understanding and Fulfillment of your Life Purpose

  • Sense of Peace and Oneness To All That Is

  • Unconditional Self-Love

Shift with Bhavna's Golden Light

Discover Your True Potential for a Happier and More Fulfilling Life!

    Learn how Bhavna can help you shift and transform on this life-changing journey to live a happier and more fulfilling life with Bhavna's Golden Light!

    Her expertise extends across the globe, enabling individuals to unlock their full potential by releasing any feelings of self-doubt and barriers that stand between them and their goals.

Bhavna Srivastava

She is a Global Spiritual Guru, Philanthropist, Lifestyle Transformational Coach & Mentor, Reiki Grand Master Teacher, Trainer, and International Speaker, Best-selling author. She is the founder of Bhavna's Wellness Group and SavingPeople.org.

She does one-on-one and group classes, coaching, mentoring, workshops, masterminds, and retreats. She has provided deep soul readings and healed over 50,000 individuals and groups with remarkable outcomes.

Feeling unsure about getting started?


Schedule a free 15-minute discovery call with Bhavna, either via Zoom or Phone Call, to discuss your needs and explore how she can support you on your journey.

This call is designed to help you gain clarity and confidence before committing to further sessions. Book your discovery call now and take the first step towards a transformative experience with Bhavna.


OFFICE: 508-970-5620 / PHONE: 774-242-2112

[email protected]

What My Clients Say About Me

These are some of my clients I have worked with personally and have helped them in their life issues.

"...I’m truly thankful to golden light and relationship coach for really bringing the golden light that silver lining in everyone’s life’s by helping them really have the best of relationships telling them how to maintain them in the best possible manner with love as the personification in relationships and truly mesmerized by every single thing that you do across the world connecting with people and helping their lives be brighter..."

-Simran A.

"...I feel my whole vibration shift like I’m in different space for the 1st time in my life like I feel allow abundance and wealth and any kind of prosperity in to my self that I don’t have to beg for love like that what the phrase keep coming out because and I don’t have to shift myself to be anything else. I feel like into my self into my power that abundance coming towards me love is coming through me and I can just go to my dream and what is the purpose of my self on this earth..."

-Julie C.

"...I was able to redirect it so that I could take each day and tackle whatever I could tackle and I felt a sense of completion at the end of each day and as week went on and I realized my feeling my realization don't know what it was a very happy me here i was felt energized i felt relaxed but my work, house and life was more complete..."

-Mary R.

Common Questions

Here are a few of the questions new clients ask 

What services
do you offer?

We offer a variety of services tailored to your wellness needs, including one-on-one lifestyle coaching sessions, card readings, masterminds, monthly workshops, group meditations and healing, and spiritual retreats.

How can Bhavna help me overcome self-doubt and barriers in my life?

Bhavna has a lot of experience and helps people all over the world. She can help you believe in yourself and remove anything that is stopping you from reaching your goals.

What makes Bhavna different from other coaches or mentors?

Bhavna has a special way of helping people. She combines her knowledge, global perspective, and the power of Golden Light to guide you. With Bhavna, you can experience a unique and transformative journey.

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