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Are you ready to be a Golden Light Healer with Bhavna, The Golden Light? 

Welcome yourself to abundance and synchronize your body, mind, and soul with the unique benefits of this wonder. Reconnect with your real self and allow divine love and solace to fill your heart. Bhavna will teach you during the 2-day workshop and attune you to 12D energies of Golden Light. She will guide you and teach you to be the 12D energy healer still being deeply relaxed.

Enroll now to get started to be part of the Golden Age Light Healer taking the first step of the golden light healer and growing powerfully in your spiritual journey.

  • Learn how to heal self and others with the
    unconditional Love and Peace Golden Light Energies, in just 2 days.

    Learn the most powerful ancient healing energy and be part of the Golden Age. 


    Bhavna, the Golden Light

    Bhavna is here to help others connect to their heart centers, see their inner beauty, and shine brightly their light to create a better world, she keeps love at the core of everything. She is here to raise the vibration of the entire planet.

    She is a Philanthropist, International Speaker, Best Selling Author, Soul Strategist, Intuitive Transformation Coach, Mentor, Trainer, NLP Practitioner, MBA, Reiki Master, Soul Healer, Healer's Healer & Teacher, Creator of Golden Light Healing Modality.

    Be a Golden Light Healer Today!

    It is a 2-day workshop from 10 am to 4 pm EST (both days). You will receive a certificate as a Golden Light Healer for Level 1 on first day and Level 2 on second day. During the program, you will also receive healings and you will practice on each other live and on Zoom.

  • LEVEL 1

  • Is all about self-care and understanding Golden Light, and tuning in to 12D dimension, and seeing how you can heal yourself in your everyday life with Love and Peace Energies. Learning to be humble and letting go of "ego", letting in love and peace.

  • LEVEL 2

  • Is all about healing others and also distantly healing others. It is a powerful tool and an upgrade in your energy and spiritual growth. 

    Upcoming Schedules

    Missed the previous workshop? Don't worry because we listed the next dates. Register before these dates.

    2022 WORKSHOP

    10AM-4PM EST

    via Zoom Meeting

  • (for in-person please contact Bhavna at +1 (774) 242-2112)

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    Want to learn more about the mastermind?

    Call us now at +1 (774) 242-2112 or book your free 15-minute consultation with Bhavna, The Golden Light.

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    Benefits of a Golden Light Healer

  • Learning how to work with unconditional love light

  • More Clarity, Focus & Increased Brain Capacity

  • Greater Love for Others & Better Relationships

  • Understanding and Fulfillment of your Life Purpose

  • Synchronicity & Signs Come To You

  • Hidden Talents & Abilities Surface

  • Release unconscious patterns stored within the physical body.

  • Increases utilization of your inherent brain power.

  • Create greater opening for ongoing connection with your Higher Self.

  • Clear your individual and family karmic patterns.

  • Raise cellular vibration

  • More Improvements to Health – Toxin Discharge

  • Bhavna, The Golden Light does healing to the core which means all the way down to your DNA with her unconditional Golden love light


      The Ultimate Golden Light Healer

    • Connect to themselves and their souls

    • Begin to open their psychic abilities and sense of positive energies of their soul

    • Accelerate their own spiritual evolution and healing journey at an exponential rate

    • Begin to understand the Golden Light energy

    • They will begin to heal themselves with Golden Light

    • Grow spiritually to higher dimension


      Who should join the program?

    • Anyone who wants to help people, create peace in the world and believes in love should enroll without second thinking.

    • All alternative and contemporary healers, yoga and Reiki practitioners/teachers, wellness specialists, emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and other therapeutic providers, life and wellness coaches, mentors to take the advantage of additional Tool the ultimate healing tool.

    • All those whoever felt for fulfilling the purpose in this life and wants to be on the path of realization of purpose are the purposeful participants for the program.

    • Anyone who would like to level and go to the next level after they master their modality whether it is Reiki or Pranic healing or energy healer/worker wanting to go to the next level and grow more and heal others and self more powerfully but staying humble. 

    Register now and get your certificate course to heal yourself and others


    Want to learn more about the mastermind?

    Call us now at +1 (774) 242-2112 or book your free 15-minute consultation with Bhavna, The Golden Light.

    Book an appointment

    Let's Hear From Our Clients

    When I started the Abundance class I was financially unstable. Every month after I started to see changes. For example, I received rental assistance for two months, free brand new beds and bedding, and acquaintances reconnecting to gift me money. My biggest breakthrough was after completing the abundance class, I got offered a full-time nanny position. I'm so happy and optimistic about the future! I highly recommend this class to anyone who has financial woes.


    First of all Bhavna is so calming easy to work with and man can she change the stories we repeat over and over! Just did a grounding exercise one( being a creative genius ) I sure need this.’, making us more aware calm and clear and it sure worked! Then when she works on physical symptoms what a help from breaking my right shoulder big time to tummy discomfort! I strongly recommend her for a variety of healing expert experiences.

    Susan Guild

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