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1-Day Workshop

Self-Care and Self-Love Part 1

with Bhavna, The Golden Light

Early Bird: $399 (until Jan. 31st only)
When: February 12, 2023
Where: Shrewsbury, MA
Join in-person or online.


Are you tired of not loving yourself?

Do you feel stuck in a cycle of self-neglect and self-doubt?

Are you a person who's always been the last one on your list, always putting others first?

What if

Instead of putting ourselves last, we should be putting ourselves first? What if, instead of resisting our own healing and happiness, we could learn to be the ones who heal ourselves?

What if

Instead of resisting our own healing and happiness, we could learn to be the ones who heal ourselves?

This is your invitation to discover the depths of your soul, establish genuine connections with others, and get ready to shift and transform your life on this life-changing journey.

So come spend the day with me and learn how to break the habit of putting yourself last, and how to love yourself (and your soul) like never before and receive healing to the core level, healing to the core at your soul to learn to love yourself and let your soul relax.

What are the benefits:

  • you will become happier

  • you will be smiling more

  • your body will automatically start to heal itself

  • your mind will start to calm down

  • your soul will be happy


    We'll talk about why we should love ourselves and how to do it. You'll learn how to put yourself first by loving yourself more and more every day—and soon enough, you'll be so good at it that no one could ever take that spot away from you!

    And when we give ourselves that love, we start releasing resistances from our pasts that keep us from loving ourselves—and instead start feeling good about ourselves.

    You deserve to be first on your list. You deserve to be loved by yourself. And when we give ourselves that love, we begin to let go of the past resistances that keep us from loving ourselves—and instead, we start to feel good about ourselves.

    When we are happy with who we are, people around us will get happier too! You deserve to live in a world where everyone is happy and healthy—and if you take care of your own needs first (physically, emotionally, and mentally), others in your life will benefit as well.

    Early Bird


    (Until January 31, 2023 only)


    Disclaimer: Once paid, prices are non- refundable; You have one year to reschedule an appointment.

    What our other clients have to say:


    " In our lives, we experience defining moments and experiences that shape our paths moving forward..."

    Traveling to Egypt with Bhavna was indeed one of those experiences. We immersed ourselves in ancient history by visiting pyramids, temples, tombs and other sacred places. Bhavna used her unique gifts to connect us to the energies of these places and to help each of us to expand and interpret our own unique spiritual gifts. She guided us to connect us to past lives, to reconnect to parts of our souls and to more deeply understand ourselves and our soul purposes. I have been forever changed by this journey and continue to experience positive shifts in my life on all levels since returning monthlyclasses two weeks ago.



    "Bhavna's Spiritual Retreat to India was so amazing, incredible words honestly can't even describe..."

    However I felt the complete opposite before! Bhavana first let me know about the trip to India in November. Who wouldn't want to go away on a beautiful trip? I told myself I couldn't afford it, I didn't have anyone to watch my kids, I have never been out the country.




    "It was one of the best experiences of my life!"

    Hello Bhavna! I wanted to thank you for an amazing experience with the spring retreat I attended. It was one of the best experiences of my life! Afterwards I felt refreshed and focused. During the meditation I felt as though I was out of body. Even though my eyes were closed I felt I could see the light and room clearly. There were a couple of times I opened my eyes because I couldn't believe what I was experiencing. Also I had a knee injury when I attended. It was bothering me. After the retreat, the next day I noticed my knee injury seemed mild and by the very next day my symptoms were gone. I had difficulties bending, kneeling, and pain. My knee seems pretty much back to normal except I can't put full weight on it yet. It seems as though I need to re-train my body and mind to use that knee again .Overall, I have never thought meditation could heal and balance who I am. I was open to the whole experience. I'm glad that I went. It was so amazing! Thank you! I look forward to more of your classes and 1:1.

    ELISE N.


    About Bhavna, The Golden Light

    Bhavna Srivastava is the Founder and CEO of Bhavna's Wellness Group. She is a Philanthropist, Transformational Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Trainer, Mentor & International Speaker, NLP Practitioner, Best-selling author of 2 books on transformation and healing Traumas and relationships. Professionally she holds an MBA in Banking & Finance from New York.


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